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La Part de l'Ombre - The Shadow's key role.

Ou l'importance de l'ombre dans ma peinture.

The importance of the shadow in my practice.

As described by contemporary American artist James Turrell, “Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.” For centuries, revolutionary artists like Turrell have harnessed light to manipulate it as both subject and medium.

In its many changing forms, light inspires—and provides flexibility to those who wish to use it metaphorically. Through various periods in art, light remains a common material that is revisited time and again.

Paul StrandNew York, Negative 1915; print 1916. J. Paul Getty Museum

Academic Knowledge of Shadow in Art

There are two shadow types in representational art, form shadows, and cast shadows. The form shadow is found in a place where the object turns away from the light source on the object itself, it includes the core shadow and reflected light.

To be continued...

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