• Josephine Declerck

Abstract vs Drawing

I was invited to a friend/client for dinner this weekend and here is what one of the guests told me:

“I always want to know if abstract artists know how to draw"

It made me think as I had never realised that people could believe that the artists choosing the abstraction path, do it because of a lack of drawing technique.

I am obsessed with this type of subject so after reflection (and less rosé), here is the answer that I should have given him.

Yes, all trained artists know how to draw.

I have received, like most of them, a classical artistic education where I have learnt to draw and to paint.

But drawing, or by extension painting, is a representation of the world. Artists see something, put it on a piece of paper, or paint it, the best or the worth they can and/or with a personal interpretation.

I have no interest in representing the world myself.

Therefore I use pencils but not with the same goal.

I have chosen to use colours and shapes, on glass, to add colours and shapes to the world. In my case, it is an even stronger statement, as I have chosen to work on glass, a natural material that is also transparent, so which can be incorporated to its surroundings.

So I have chosen abstract not because I don't represent things. But because the integrative path is more appealing to me.

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