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20 years of Business Ideas

Updated: Mar 28

I imagined, thought, started, tested, developed and then abandoned many business ideas over the last 2 decades. Here they are...

Business Idea #1 - OVA - A lubricant Ovum for girls and women.

2000, I was 18 years old and I imagined Ova, a vaginal lubricant in the shape of an ovum that girls/women would insert before going out (like a tampon) or just before a sexual relationship (even if the idea was to be free to focus on what was going on at that moment without having to worry about anything else.)

The ovum would contain a water based, free from chemicals lubricant, that would lubricate, refresh and also contain good bacterias for a healthy vaginal mucosa.

Business Idea #2 - The T-shirt to straighten your back.

Around the same time as Ova, I started working on a T-shirt that would

Louis Marie de Schryver Marchand de fleurs la rue du havre, Paris

To be continued...

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